artist sites

the fringe online project - initiated by Mike Hoolboom with the CFMDC & VTape they provided assistance for a number of media artists to create sites... including this one.
Alex Mackenzie - the saviour of experimental and expaanded film culture in Vancouver.
Robert Todd
Christina Battle
Roy Cross
Steve Cosens

production resources

LIFT (8, s-8, 16, s-16, 35mm optical printers / 16, 35mm animation stands / super-8 steenbeck / 8, s-8, 16, s-16, 35mm film cameras / analog film nirvana)
Niagara Custom Lab (s-8 neg, 16 neg & print, 35mm b&w neg / 35mm print) Sebastjan has processed heaps of printed stock for me.
Charles Street Video (pixelvision, DV, HD)
Frame Discreet (8, s-8 & 16mm transfer to 10 bit uncompressed, super-8 camera rental)

distribution resources



Kiddie Records (Bozo under the sea is my 3 year old's favorite)