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Richview Cemetary, Toronto, Canada.
427 & 401  (2001)

I noticed this graveyard in 1989 when I was commuting to a short-lived post BComm. suit job in Mississauga ... It’s presence in the landscape was as absurd as the situation that I faced at work... bounded on all sides by expressways and airports,  it did not belong. Years later, I returned to pay my respects. All the editing was done in-camera and the lab work was done at home... the negative was hand-processed and the print is an original that I made frame by frame on an optical printer and then hand-processed.

Technical Specifications
year(s) of production  2001

production format 16mm (7278 tri-x revrsal processed as negative)
exhibition format 16mm (7302 b&w print)
aspect ratio 1:1.37
projection speed 24fps
running time 2:56

John Price : cinematography, negative processing, optical printing, print processing.