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World Trade Centre, New York City.
After Eden  (2000)

Part diary film... part urban ethnography... part excavation in search of faith amidst landscapes of concrete, After Eden is a journey through a wasteland of lost souls... the dark observations of a traveller whose home has been destroyed. Assembled over a ten year period, the images were shot on outdated black and white stock, developed by hand and then optically printed to render this diary from an eerie world somewhere between heaven and hell.

Technical Specifications
year(s) of production  1991 - 2001

production format(s) super-8 (7278 tri-x revrsal), 16mm (7378 optical sound negative)
exhibition format 16mm (7302 b&w print)
aspect ratio 1:1.37
projection speed 24fps
running time 30:00
optical sound (mono)

John Price : cinematography, negative & reversal processing, optical printing, editing, sound design & mix, negative conforming & cutting.

Earle Peach : sound design.

McClear Digital / Ray Cooke : optical sound transfer.

Alpha Cine Seattle : internegative & printing.