Camera & Processing Equipment

35mm Konvas 2M package, OCT 19 mount.
          anamorphic lenses : 35mm, 80mm.
          spherical lenses : 18mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 200mm.
          video tap, 3 x 200' magazines, 2 x 400' magazines.

          Devry luchbox camera.
          50mm lens, spring wound or hand-cranked, 100 foot daylight loads.

16mm Bolex SBM.
          Bolex Rex 5
          spherical lenses : 10mm, 26mm macro, 50mm macro, 100mm macro, 150mm macro, 300mm, 12-120 zoom, Novoflex 400mm/640mm lens.
          Moller anamorphot 1.5x anamorphic adapter.
          Tobin TTL time lapse motor, Tobin crystal sync motor, macro tubes, batteries.

8mm   Canon 814 electronic super-8mm camera.
          Zeiss Ikon regular 8mm camera with wide angle attachment.

stills    Holga medium format with polaroid back.
           Horizont 35mm panoramic camera.
           Polaroid SX-70.
           Polaroid 680 - takes 600 film.

motion picture processing
           Morse G3 tanks - 35mm, 16mm, super-8mm.
           black & white neg & reversal, color neg.