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185 Vine Avenue
domashnyee kino / home movie  (2010)

Photographed over 4 years in and around the house with a 35mm movie camera and a variety of odd film stocks that had been aging in the uncontrolled conditions of the basement, 'domashnyee kino' is a home movie on many levels. It follows the passage of my two children coming to an ever increasing awareness of the world... It traces the flow of light and sound through their environment... It is a celebration of the way light bends through a piece of glass (in this case a couple of 70's era russian anamorphics) and how this light transforms the surface of an emulsion into an impressionist representation of these moments. The camera films were processed at home in the basement and printed optically on a beautiful Oxberry 1700. Some of the printed material was processed by hand and some was run by Sebastjan at NIagara Custom Lab.

Technical Specifications

year(s) of production 2007-2010
negative format
- anamorphic 35mm b&w / color (Ektachrome 64T, EPP, 5285, 2383, 2374, 5231, 5222)
print format 35mm 2302, 2383, 5285, 2374.
aspect ratio 2.39:1
projection speed 24fps
running time 32:00

John Price : cinematography, negative processing, grading, printing, print processing.
Niagara Custom Lab / Sebastjan Henrickson : print processing.

Charlie Price, Estelle Price, Tabitha Munday