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Intermittent Movement  (2006)

Disparate moments.... some shot on 16, some on 35, some hand cranked, some not, some spherical, some anamorphic, some black & white, some color, some grainy, some not, some solarized, some not, all processed by hand. The film was commissioned by Niagara Custom Labs for their "Short & Wide" 35mm omnibus project.

Technical Specifications

year(s) of production 2006
negative format
- anamorphic 35mm black & white / color, 16mm b&w
print format 35mm black & white / color (2302 / 2374 / 2383)
aspect ratio 1:2.35
projection speed 24fps
running time 7:00

John Price : cinematography, negative processing, optical printing.
Niagara Custom Lab : color print processing.