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Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Nation  (1997)

A roll of film shot in Montreal at the 1995 rally against the secession of Quebec became the raw material for a candy colored hand processed meditation on the idea of “Nation”.  Plays as a companion piece with Wreck.

Technical Specifications
year(s) of production  1995 - 1997

production format(s) 16mm (7248 color negative, 7384 color print)
exhibition format 16mm (7384 color print, camera original)
aspect ratio 1:1.37
projection speed 24fps
running time 5:00
separate cd sound / optical sound (mono) when shown with Wreck.

John Price : cinematography, negative processing, optical printing, print processing, editing, sound design & mix, negative conforming & cutting.

McClear Digital / Ray Cooke : optical sound transfer.

Gastown Labs : print & print processing (color version).