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Beachfront Park, Pickering Ontario
sea series #10  (2011)

According to a group of Christian fundamentalists in the US, on May 21st 2011 Jesus would return to earth and the hand of God would reach down and gather his ‘chosen ones’ up to heaven. The rest of us were supposed to perish in an apocalypse of fire and flooding. I thought that the beach might be a good spot to witness the spectacle. Shot in an afternoon at the Pickering nuclear generating station outside of Toronto and processed in part with water derived from the lake, the film was inspired (or provoked) by reports of what had happened across the sea.

Technical specifications

shooting format(s) : 16mm spherical, 35mm anamorphic
projection format : 35mm cinemascope
aspect ratio : 2.35:1
running time : 10 minutes  @ 24 fps
sound : silent


John Price : director / cinematography / editing / negative processing / printing & print processing.
Lea Carlson : producer.