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Lochaber Bay, Quebec.
the sounding lines are obsolete  (2009)

An irradiated time capsule of home movies and human rituals... dark global forecasts refracting through the light of my sons eyes... a hand processed science fiction documentary...

'A mobile snapshot from a children's birthday party on the moon

He looks like a small Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon, but in reality he's on his way to Halloween in his silver-coloured space suit. The Canadian filmmaker John Price has filmed his mesmerisingly beautiful black-and-white home movie as an anthropological study of an invisible envoy from another planet, with his own children playing the representatives of a future human race. The film's observer thereby watches life on our planet with both a sense of known familiarity and the unaccustomed view of a stranger through a 16mm camera that floats in an ethereal orbit around the small astronaut and his sister. Price processes his films right down to their chemical foundations to create his light-sensitive style. The silhouette of a climber, who hangs with all his weightless fragility between outer space and nothingness thereby gets recorded on the image like a fossilised imprint from a time and a place that once was - or maybe one day will come to be. The soundtrack is self-evidently superfluous, and so is each attempt to come up with something resembling an explanation.'

from the CPH : DOX catalog

Technical Specifications
year(s) of production  2008/2009
negative format 16mm (7231, 3374, st8, 7222)
print format 16mm (3302)
aspect ratio 1.37:1
projection speed 24fps
running time 10:00
silent (live ambient sound)

John Price : cinematography, negative processing.
Niagara Custom Lab : printing.