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Vanauley Walk, Toronto, Canada.
The Vanauley Project  (2004)

Cinema circa 1895 as it was with Louis Lumiere... Four single shot vignettes photographed with a vintage hand-cranked 35mm movie camera. These are the first in a series of 35mm observational films created without the assistance of a motion picture laboratory. Hand-processed and printed by the filmmaker, the project acts as an anthropological document of a neighborhood in transition while celebrating the textural beauty and analog simplicity of early motion picture film technology.

Technical Specifications
year(s) of production  2003/2004
negative format 35mm b&w (5222)
print format 35mm b&w (5302)
aspect ratio 1:1.37
projection speed 24fps
running time 4:00

John Price : cinematography, negative processing, bi-pack printing, print processing.